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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hmmm.... Egypt accuses Israel of what?

According to a report in 'Palestinian' media, Egypt is accusing Israel of 'sabotage.'
The Egyptian prosecutor general announced yesterday, the exposing of an Israeli plan aimed at sabotaging oil companies and vital sites in collaboration with a young man affiliated with the Black Block group, according to Al Sharq Al Awsat.

This comes two days after the PG’s decision to pursue members of the group, considering it a terrorist organization. The Prosecutor General said one Black Block member was caught inside a property that overlooks Tahreer Square in the possession of an Israeli plan targeting oil companies and vital sites, adding that the man had blueprints of these sites and instructions on how to start fires in some of them.

He said the young man, whose name has not been revealed, admitted to being a member of Black Block. (Al Ayyam). The Black Block group however, denied that one of its members had been captured in Egypt with an Israeli plan to sabotage fuel companies. On Facebook, Black Block released a statement saying that the person captured belonged to a political group not related to Black Block (http://qudsnet.com/arabic/news.php?maa=View&id=237108)
Black bloc is a group of masked opponents of the Morsy regime. It is not a great surprise that he would want to discredit them by associating them with Israel. In the meantime, he kills two birds with one stone by inciting Egyptian supporters of his government against the Jewish state. 

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