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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did Michael Moore tell a lie?

I'm sure that many of you recall the story of the 'Palestinian' director on his way to the Oscars, who was 'held' by immigration authorities at Los Angeles International Airport, all as excruciatingly tweeted by Michael Moore. I'm sure you'll all be shocked to hear that Moore just might have been lying.
But while there is nothing in the log to contradict Burnat's account or his gratitude to Moore for leaping to his aid, the document does suggest that Moore overstated, at least, the length of the incident. The filmmaker's tweets originally drew complaints from an airport official that Moore was overhyping a routine, and relatively brief, incident. That account, in turn, prompted Moore to accuse BuzzFeed (and presumably the source) of dishonesty.
Airport officials Tuesday agreed to show BuzzFeed the agency's log from February 19, whose timeline appears to confirm the original source's claim.
According to the log, which is kept in the secondary inspection area at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal:
5:28pm: Burnat was referred to secondary inspection
5:30pm: Burnat was admitted to secondary inspection
5:53pm: Burnat was released from secondary inspection
Officials at LAX made the logbook available and five officials spoke to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity, citing a policy against discussing individual cases. (A spokesman for Customs and Border Protection declined to comment on the incident.)
I'm shocked. Just shocked....

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