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Monday, January 07, 2013

The weather is already a big story

It's not due to snow here until Wednesday (if at all), but the weather is already the story of the week.
Forecasters expect the coming week to be one of the rainiest in recent memory with some 100 millimeters of rain expected in central Israel and as much as 250mm. expected to fall in the North.
Mount Hermon is also expected to see continued snowfall throughout the week. Melting snow from Mount Hermon and the Golan will add some 30 centimeters to Lake Kinneret, according to forecasts.The Israel Meteorological Service said that snow could fall in Jerusalem as well on Wednesday.
Authorities warned the public to prepare for winds up to 100 km/h on Sunday evening, especially in coastal areas. The advised tying down or taking inside garden items that could be swept up in the wind.
 According to my window thermometer (which I bought because the weather service told us it's 'too expensive' to give current temperatures), it's now 44 degrees Fahrenheit, the wind is howling and it's raining. Snow? Let's wait and see. We've been disappointed too many times before.

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At 5:34 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Since the Weather Service doesn't find it convenient to provide the service for which they receive your taxes, you might want to bookmark the Jerusalem webpage at Weather.com.

This defaults to the Right Now setting of the left-hand side menu, with Today, Hourly, Tomorrow, Weekend, 5 Day, 10 Day and other menu choices available. All available for free, thanks to advertisers and no taken-but-not-earned-by-services-provided Israeli taxes.

As of 20 minutes previous to my comment, the (regularly updated durign the day) 10:50 AM local time "too expensive to provide" temperature is 57 degrees F., 63% humidity, 45 degrees dew-point. You're going to have a rainy, windy day.

(Lord, how I despise arrogant, parasitical, lazy government bureaucrats!)

At 10:29 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


It is way colder than 57 degrees right now. The thermometer outside my window says 41.9 (and it is usually higher than is actually the case), but we are much higher up than the center of the city.

This http://www.02ws.com/station.php?lang=0&tempunit=F is the best site I have seen for Jerusalem weather and it says 44 right now in Fahrenheit (6.9 Celsius).

It's windy right now, but nowhere near as windy as it was late last night and this morning when everything shook constantly.

Finally, it's not 10:50 am here yet. We're GMT + 2 in the winter (+3 in summer).

At 2:19 PM, Blogger Eliana said...

In Ma'aleh Adumim this morning, the howling wind woke me up hours early and I couldn't go back to sleep because it was too loud. I looked outside and all the trees on my street were moving pretty wildly in the wind and rain.

Right now (2:18pm on Monday, Jan 7th) - the sun has broken through and I can see some light blue sky, but it's still pretty windy and the streets are wet. I'm not sure if rain is still coming down from parts of the sky or not. I have no idea what temperature it is outside.

Rain is so wonderful!

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

WUPS! You know, Carl, I should have seen something was wrong, with the time being wrong. I just assumed...

I just read your comment, then went back out to Weather.com's Jerusalem page and guess what? "Updated 4:50PM Local Time" AND the Right Now has exactly the same temperature, humidity and dew point numbers as it did at the 10:50 AM updated I quoted above! I refreshed the page, then closed it and re-opened it, but still see the same Right Now numbers. It also said you had a high temp of 63F yesterday! They're saying it was almost balmy weather and you were wondering if it was going to snow. So much for Weather.com's database-generated Jerusalem page. :-(


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