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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama uber alles

I hope New Yorkers aren't dumb enough to believe this statement by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).
In our meeting Monday, Senator Hagel clarified a number of his past statements and positions and elaborated on several others.
On Iran, Senator Hagel rejected a strategy of containment and expressed the need to keep all options on the table in confronting that country. But he didn’t stop there. In our conversation, Senator Hagel made a crystal-clear promise that he would do “whatever it takes” to stop Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons, including the use of military force. He said his “top priority” as Secretary of Defense would be the planning of military contingencies related to Iran. He added that he has already received a briefing from the Pentagon on this topic.
In terms of sanctions, past statements by Senator Hagel sowed concerns that he considered unilateral sanctions against Iran to be ineffective. In our meeting, however, Senator Hagel clarified that he ‘completely’ supports President Obama’s current sanctions against Iran. He added that further unilateral sanctions against Iran could be effective and necessary.

On Hezbollah, Senator Hagel stressed that-notwithstanding any letters he refused to sign in the past-he has always considered the group to be a terrorist organization.
On Hamas, I asked Senator Hagel about a letter he signed in March 2009 urging President Obama to open direct talks with that group’s leaders.
In response, Senator Hagel assured me that he today believes there should be no negotiations with Hamas, Hezbollah or any other terrorist group until they renounce violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist.
Senator Hagel volunteered that he has always supported Israel’s right to retaliate militarily in the face of terrorist attacks by Hezbollah or Hamas. He understood the predicament Israel is in when terrorist groups hide rocket launchers among civilian populations and stage attacks from there. He supported Israel’s right to defend herself even in those difficult circumstances.
In keeping with our promises to help equip Israel, Senator Hagel pledged to work towards the on-time delivery of the F-35 joint strike fighters to Israel, continue the cooperation between Israel and the U.S. on Iron Dome, and recommend to the President that we refuse to join in any NATO exercises if Turkey should continue to insist on excluding Israel from them.  Senator Hagel believes Israel must maintain its Qualitative Military Edge.
Regarding his unfortunate use of the term “Jewish lobby” to refer to certain pro-Israel groups, Senator Hagel understands the sensitivity around such a loaded term and regrets saying it.
I know some will question whether Senator Hagel’s assurances are merely attempts to quiet critics as he seeks confirmation to this critical post. But I don’t think so. Senator Hagel realizes the situation in the Middle East has changed, with Israel in a dramatically more endangered position than it was even five years ago. His views are genuine, and reflect this new reality.
Schumer may not want to be Dov Hikind.  But Hikind retains his dignity, his self-respect and his integrity. Schumer has none of the above. They are gone forever.

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At 11:50 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Israel needs to *never* abrogate or cancel Oslo or any of the other MOUs, etc, that have as the first two steps before anything that the Palestinians stop attacking and acknowledge Israel as a permanent Jewish country. I wish Senator Schumer had asked whether he (and how about Senator Hagel) acknowledge that Jews hold title to parcels and lots... do they support stripping Jews of their title in order to create a Judenrein country on land that (unabrogated!) treaties and titles say Jews are supposed to be able to live? Ehhhh?????

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Blah blah blah windbag Schumer. Isn't there a photo op with Mayor McCheese to stand behind?


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