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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy

Conductor Daniel Barenboim, who is infamous in Israel for bringing the music of Richard Wagner (Hitler's favorite composer) to Holocaust survivors, is to play a piano recital in Qatar on Tuesday evening.
Famous Israeli composer and pianist Daniel Barenboim returns to Qatar on Tuesday evening for a piano recital at the Katara Cultural Village after his previous performances were cancelled last year.

The Argentinian-born pianist is known as an opinionated critic of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories.
The well-known composer founded the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra with late scholar Edward Said. The pair were due to perform at the second Katara Music and Dialogue Festival last April with an orchestra combining both Israeli and Palestinian musicians.

The performance last year was reportedly cancelled due to pressure from supporters of a cultural boycott of Israel. The festival organizers however state that the festival was cancelled due to “current political developments across the Arab region.” 
Israel Radio reports that Barenboim is to be greeted by adoring fans throwing tomatoes and rotten eggs at the 'Zionist' who married at the Western Wall just three days after the Six Day War.


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