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Friday, December 28, 2012

Kerry refused to sign letter supporting extending Iran sanctions... last week

Moshe Phillips worries that John F.N. Kerry is getting a free pass to being Secretary of State from Jewish groups. And with good reason.
When Kerry ran for president, he was vetted by the so-called pro-Israel community in the U.S., and little was made of his attitudes toward Israel because he had, for the most part, steered clear of controversy.

Kerry's record since his presidential campaign tells a different tale.  It was clear that Kerry would not run for president again, and his policy shift on Israel was ignored.  What's worse is Kerry's attitudes on Israel are still being ignored by the pro-Israel community.

Even Kerry's failure to sign the December 20, 2012 letter in support of continuing sanctions against Iran has not been a matter of concern for pro-Israel activists.  And this even though 73 of Kerry's fellow senators signed the letter.

Kerry's Israel problem goes back much farther than his troubling attitude towards Iranian sanctions.

At the Democratic Convention in 2012, Kerry ignored the decision of his party leadership to remove Jerusalem from their platform and instead opened his podium speech by attacking Romney for his "neo-con advisors."  He then proceeded to quote Benjamin Netanyahu out of context.  (For the full speech, see here.)

The word "neo-con" has a tendency to be code for "pro-Zionist."  Kerry's words show that he will be hostile to the very existence  of Israeli towns in the suburbs of Jerusalem.  Democrats consider these "settlements" to be part of the "Occupied West Bank," and he will label them as such.

John Kerry's leadership at State will be the beginning of a new effort by the Obama administration to pressure Israel to surrender territory to the Palestinian Authority, deny Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem, negotiate with Hamas, and accept a hostile Palestinian State along its vulnerable borders.

Israel and its American supporters are in for a very tough time with Kerry, and they seem to have no idea.
The problem is that with this President, you won't get anyone better, and you might get someone worse. The fundamental problem isn't Kerry so much as it's that the Jews supported Obama.

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At 3:39 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

These are the worst of the worst. He got his way in the '70s/'80s. U.S. military slimed (by him, above all) and withdrawn. 2.5 million dead. Denial. Recently, I saw an interview of Jane Fonda where, after all these years, her response to the slaughter she and John Kerry facilitated was that "it wasn't our fault." Horrible, horrible people. And the fact that some big chunk of Israel goes along with them, regardless of "green" "sustainable" "gaia" "investment", is beyond understanding.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

BTW, even if there is some unfathomable reason that it isn't posted on the internet for Israel supporters to use in making the case for the U.S. to not strip Jewish owners of their private property... I hope you guys have the County Clerk title registry data base available to walk John Kerry through, with *any* historical documents, bills of sale, etc.. And it should be on the internet so we out here can work against these people who, if 2.5 million slaughtered is okay, will think deleting Israel is okay. Or leaving you under rockets from the high ground East of Jerusalem is okay, after he strips it away from you.


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