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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Obama's policies are turning Syria into an Islamist state

Barry Rubin shows how the Obama administration is making moves in Syria that assure that Assad's replacements will be Islamist - anti-American and obsessed with destroying the State of Israel.
The bottom line: If this is Syria’s new government then Syria now has an Islamist regime. This is happening with the knowledge and collaboration of the Obama Administration and a number of European governments. It is a catastrophe and one that’s taking place due to the deliberate decisions of President Barack Obama and other Western leaders. Even if one rationalizes the Islamist takeover in Egypt as due to internal events, this one is U.S.-made.
As Spyer points out, U.S. and European policy can be summarized as follows:
“To align with and strengthen Muslim Brotherhood-associated elements, while painting Salafi forces as the sole real Islamist danger.   At the same time, secular forces are ignored or brushed aside.”
The new regime, recognized by the United States and most European countries, as the legitimate leadership of the Syrian people, is the Syrian National Coalition, which has also established a military council.
Spyer’s detailed evidence for these arguments–much of which comes from raw wire service reports, praise is due to Reuters in this case–is undeniable. And if we know about these things there’s no doubt that the highest level of the U.S. government does so as well. Why is this happening? Because Obama and others believe that they can moderate the Muslim Brotherhood and it will tame the Salafists, despite massive evidence to the contrary. This is going to be the biggest foreign policy blunder of the last century and the cost for it will be high.
It should be stressed that such a strategy is totally unnecessary and the alternatives have been ignored, the real moderates are being betrayed.
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