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Monday, November 12, 2012

Pathetic: This is what passes for being a 'hawk' in Israel, no legitimacy to act until Israelis killed and wounded by terrorists!

With Israel's south under fire, with its children unable to stray more than 15 seconds from a bomb shelter, this is what passes for being a 'hawk' in our country (Hat Tip: Dan F).
Minister Moshe Yaalon (Likud) said Sunday that Israel does not intend to maintain restraint in the face of the intense rocket attacks from Gaza.
"If the terror organizations do not cease their fire we will be prepared to toughen our response as much as necessary, until they say 'enough!'," he said.
'Boogie' wants to hit them 'until they say enough'!?! That's the same mistake we made four years ago. We don't just want to hit them until they say 'enough.' We should hit them until there is no more Hamas, no more Islamic Jihad, no more terror organizations capable of raining rockets on Israel's south. No more terrorists!

And if you thought Boogie was a weakling, look what the rest of our lame government wants before acting.
Channel 2's political reporter quoted unnamed senior sources in Jerusalem Sunday who said that a ground operation like Cast Lead is not possible because Israel "does not have legitimacy" to act against Gaza as long as relatively few Israelis are killed and wounded by the terrorists. He added that Mohammed Morsi's election in Egypt and Barack Obama's re-election in the U.S. also make the situation more difficult for Israel. 
Ridiculous. Why don't we just tie a few people from Sderot to the roofs of buildings and wait for them to be killed (God forbid) so that we actually have a pretext to act? I cannot think of anything more absurd.

I hate to say this, but if I were a resident of Sderot I would leave and sit outside the government's offices in Jerusalem until such time as my government is ready to make an absolute commitment to my security.

Our government needs Obama's and Morsy's (Morsy's!?!) permission to fulfill its most basic function to keep our people secure?!? What the....

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