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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Three Syrian tanks cross into Golan buffer zone

Three Syrian tanks - apparently fighting rebels - crossed into the Golan Heights buffer zone on Saturday. At last report, the IDF was, of all things, waiting for the UN to come and get them.
The tanks, which were involved in heavy clashes with Syrian rebels, encroached the decades-old ceasefire agreement between Jerusalem and Damascus.
The vehicles entered Beit Ajam, which is close to an IDF position on the border. Earlier on Saturday, local residents near the Syrian border reported hearing heavy exchanges of fire between the Syrian army and rebels.
Israel lodged a complaint with the United Nations over the ceasefire violation. The defense establishment has concluded, however, that the tank movement is linked to the Syrian civil war and not intended as an act of aggression against Israel.
Nevertheless, the IDF raised its alert level in the Golan Heights region.
This is idiocy. Why didn't we just blow up the tanks and offer to trade the soldiers inside them for Eli Cohen HY"D (May God avenge his blood)?  What do you think the Syrians would do if they caught one of our tanks on their side of the border?

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