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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Green slush arrives in Israel, and all is good

When I first saw the headline of this story - that Israel's Ministry of Energy is insisting on government guarantees for a solar panel project - I thought of Solyndra and Bright Source and all those other failed US 'green' companies and thought 'oy... here we go down the same path to disaster (and reelection)....'

But when I was able to read a little further, I discovered that I'm actually happy about this one (which is behind a paywall and no, I have not read the whole thing). You see, Israel's banks are about the most risk averse on earth (it's almost impossible to get a loan here without a guarantor), and they are refusing to finance solar energy projects in Judea and Samaria out of concern that the banks will lose money if Israel abandons the area. That's why the government is being asked to step up to the plate. And there's little more beneficial to Judea and Samaria that I can think of than giving the government and the greens (who are normally more of the peacenik types) a stake in the continued presence of Jews in Judea and Samaria.

One should realize that - almost inevitably - should Israel choose to leave Judea and Samaria (God forbid), the likes of James Wolfensohn and Bill Gates would likely come along to finance the 'purchase' of those solar energy projects by the 'Palestinians' at cut-rate prices. And the 'Palestinians' will undoubtedly show their appreciation in their usual style. But at least if the government has a financial stake in the solar energy projects, they'll have something to lose from abandoning them (as opposed to Gaza where only the revenants lost financially).

And that's good.

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At 7:36 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

"Green Slush" is taxpayer money. Public funds. Government loan guarantees. Government grants beyond the traditional research grant level. Any public funds. So if your govt does "step up", no matter what you think is good about them holding onto the land that the project is on, the Govt will then have a dog in the fight and may very well do what the U.S. Govt is doing, and that is to use environmental regs or land management schemes to demolish any ideas you have for new drilling, etc. Because the privately funded drilling projects will be in direct competition with the Govt Green Slush project. It is a Soviet Style Dictatorship when the govt is one of the players and uses *your* tax $$ to make one side win. And it isn't the side that will give you adequate electricity to run your air conditioner, etc. Green Slush (Govt funding of one side in the healty energy competition) is BAD...

BTW, when they do the life cycle costing on these things, are they required to present the incident history of panels being vandalized (idiots shoot them out where I live), or storm damage, or reduced efficiency as the sun rots them... I live in some of the brightest sun on the planet and people who have put panels on their roof say that the panels *never* pay out, regardless of what the manufacturers say, because the sun and sand eat up the surface, reducing the advertised efficiency.

But whatever. Socialist paradises of no air conditioning are the Hipster Future of the West. Because living well is just unfair.


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