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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update on seriously injured IDF soldiers

Here's an update on the two IDF soldiers who were seriously injured when their jeep was hit by an anti-tank missile along the Gaza security fence on Saturday. This is from the first link.
Dr. Orly Weinstein, deputy director of Soroka hospital reports that one of the IDF soldier’s injured in the anti-tank missile attack against their jeep is still in very serious condition.
The hospital just finished operating on him for his head and eye injuries. He’s more stable than he was when he was first brought in, but he’s unconscious. His life is still in danger.
The second soldier that was brought to Soroka is now listed in moderate condition, and Dr. Weinstein says the operation to remove the shrapnel from his eyes was successful. He was moved to the ICU.
I do not have names for prayers. If I get them, I will post them. 

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