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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saudi Arabia's 3rd annual Miss Congenality

You mean, just because she won the contest, she's allowed to show so much of her face?
The winner, Maram Zaki al-Saif, a was chosen as the new Saudi “Queen of Ethics” after her notable piety apparently had a mesmerising affect on the panel. In addition to the title, Saif handed in an award worth approximately ten thousand Saudi Riyals (2,6666 USD), according to local daily newspaper, Sharq. The queen – who hails from the Saudi island of Tarout - was among the top five finalists who made it through the competition that initially had 285 contestants, all between the ages of 16-24. At the same competition, Fatema Abdel Jaleel Al Abad, 17, from the Saudi region of Al-Ahsa was crowned first runner-up whilst Fatema Saeed Al Baik, 23, from Al Qatif was the second runner-up.
As to the two runners up, which one is which? Heh. 



At 2:37 PM, Blogger Sajjad Ahmad said...

Nice, Social activties of woment in Saudi Arabia.


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