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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lebanese Christian MP accuses Hezbullah in assassinations

Lebanese Christian MP Fadi al-Haber has accused Hezbullah of being behind the assassinations of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri and former Lebanese MP Gebran Ghassan Tueni, who was also the former editor of the an-Nahar daily newspaper.
Speaking to Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah, al-Haber said that "all of the assassination attempts that have taken place [in Lebanon] were coordinated between Hezbollah and Syria."
"It's clear that Hezbollah was ordered to carry out a number of assassinations," al-Haber was quoted as saying.
Al-Haber noted that last year, the UN special tribunal had indicted four Hezbollah officials over Hariri's murder. Hezbollah has refused to hand over the four men.
The Lebanese lawmaker also accused Hezbollah of working with Iran to providing military support to Syrian president Bashar Assad's forces.
Al-Haber added that cooperation between Hezbollah, Iran and Syria is not new.
Since its inception, Hezbollah has been led by Iranian strategy, and there is evidence that Iran and Hezbollah are providing military support for Assad in Syria, al-Haber said.
The Lebanese MP's remarks come a day after another Lebanese politician, Butros Harb, and members of Tueni's family filed a lawsuit against two Syrian officers allegedly implicated in Tueni's assassination. Harb has asked the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon to look into the matter.
Maybe this is why Hezbullah may be feeling a little isolated. Hmmm.

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