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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The poodle barks again

Maybe someone ought to let Shimon Peres' former poodle know what Barack Obama does to poodles he likes. The poodle, Yossi Beilin, is promoting the view that Obama loves Israel. It's Netanyahu's 'interference' in US elections that he hates. And therefore, of course, it's all Bibi's fault.
“Whether the US administration admits it or not, they see Bibi [Netanyahu] as interfering in the US election and gambling on [Republican candidate Mitt] Romney winning,” Beilin said. “Shapiro says relations between countries are good, which is true. But the relations between the two leaders are very poor. I don’t remember it being so bad before, and Israel will pay a price for it.” [Netanyahu's relations with Romney go back long before Obama took office. CiJ]

Beilin said the Obama administration was upset about the way Netanyahu received Romney in Israel, Romney’s fundraiser in Jerusalem and the prime minister’s close ties with the man spending billions to bring down the president: Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. [For Netanyahu to have ignored Romney would have been unprecedented. Netanyahu would not dictate to Romney - or any other US politician - where he could go and with whom he could meet. And Netanyahu's relations with Adelson - over whom he also exercises no control - go back long before Obama took office. CiJ]

While both countries downplayed the American decision to downgrade a joint drill set for next month, Beilin said it was a message to Netanyahu from Obama and not a technical matter. He said that unlike other prime ministers, Netanyahu cannot call the president when he needs him. [That's probably true. But instead of saying 'other Prime Ministers' it should say 'other Presidents. If Obama has not already eclipsed Jimmy Carters and George H.W. Bush's lows, he most certainly will if he is God forbid reelected. Unless we have a Prime Minister who is God forbid at least as far Left as Beilin. CiJ]

He said a call to save Israelis under siege at the its embassy in Cairo was an exception.

Beilin called Obama “Super Pro-Israel” and said Netanyahu was at fault for the poor relations because he did not accept Obama’s request to continue a 10-month West Bank construction moratorium. But he said he does blame Obama for failing to advance peace talks with the Palestinians and for making such a freeze a precondition for talks.
I stuck a few comments in the text, so if you already saw this story in the JPost, please go back and read my comments. But I want to add a comment about the first sentence in the last paragraph. If this were true, why was Obama so hostile to Israel before Netanyahu turned down the request? Why was he hostile in 2009 and the first half of 2010? For that matter, why was Obama hostile to Israel before Netanyahu was ever elected?

Be careful Yossi. Obama eats poodles for breakfast.

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