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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Obama's rabbi v. Romney's rabbi

Two rabbis were honored to deliver invocations at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. One is
an anti-Israel radical who bears nothing but hatred for traditional Judaism. She’s supped with Iran’s genocidal president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and worked with Jewish Voice for Peace, a front group for Israel-haters. She has urged that America boycott, divest, and sanction Israel.
The other, writes Ben Shapiro,
is a member of the famed Soloveichik family, which gave American Jews one of their most famous rabbis, Rabbi Joseph Baer Soloveichik. He founded the Yeshiva University philosophy, which merges Western philosophy with Jewish Talmudism. Meir is his grand nephew. And Meir has spoken out on political issues including abortion (anti), gay marriage (anti), and Obamacare (anti, thanks to its discrimination against religious institutions). Most of all, though, Rabbi Soloveichik is pro-Israel.
Which one is which? Lynn Gottlieb, a member of rabbis for Obama, delivered the invocation at the Democratic National Convention. Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, who is currently under consideration to become the Chief Rabbi of England, delivered the invocation at the Republican National Convention.

Which one sounds more authentically Jewish? Read the whole thing.

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At 9:04 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

She perfectly represents liberal Jewish dems

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Well, as long as they each have a Jewish mother, they are equivalent, eh? :)

At 11:56 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Very good point raised. We know Rav Meir was born Jewish, but considering the intermarriage rate among the more liberal Jews, it is certainly possible that HaRav haGoan HaPosek Gottlieb is not even Jewish


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