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Monday, August 20, 2012

Gas mask distribution in Jerusalem

I can only hope that this means that we have solved the shortage (somehow I doubt it), but Paula Stern reports that she got gas masks in Jerusalem.

This is significant because there really has been no distribution in and around Jerusalem until now (although we had our gas masks collected a number of years ago). The only reason we have gas masks already is that Mrs. Carl works in the center of the country and got them there.

This comment from Paula is a great summary of what's so bizarre about this situation:
This was more than I had hoped for, "okay," I responded as he turned to retrieve the biggest box of all. I don't know whether it is the tent version for an infant or the one for a toddler. "What's the baby's name?" the man asked.

Elie told it to him and the man wrote my grandson's name on a gas mask. I called Amira as soon as I was clear of the area and told her. She was happy. Can you understand the concept that a young mother was happy that her son now had a gas mask? When you can, you'll understand what it is to be Israeli - at least in part.

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