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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Syria pulling troops from Golan to fight revolt

Here's what may be some good news for a change. Syria is pulling troops off the Golan Heights and transferring them to other parts of the country where they are needed to fight the anti-Assad forces.
In a security briefing to a parliamentary committee, the intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, estimated that Mr. Assad “will not survive the uprising, even if it takes some more time.” He said that 13,000 soldiers and officers had defected from the Syrian Army, and that 60 to 70 senior officers had been killed by the opposition, according to the spokesperson’s office of the Israeli military.

But the general said the opposition had failed to coalesce into a united front and instead comprised many groups with different ideologies. “We don’t see organized opposition forces leading an uprising,” General Kochavi said.

In the briefing, the general said that satellite images show that Mr. Assad’s forces are directing artillery at highly populated regions and acting “extremely brutally, which displays their desperation and indicates they are unable to find more efficient solutions to pacify the uprisings.”


But General Kochavi said that there was a low probability of conflict now between Israel and Syria, even as a “last resort” for Mr. Assad in his quest for the survival of his government. That Mr. Assad is moving troops away from the disengagement line with Israel and toward Damascus was a sign, General Kochavi said, that Mr. Assad “is not concerned conflict will emerge with Israel.”
He or his father could have done that 30 years ago and there still wouldn't be a war.

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At 8:03 AM, Blogger A Tullahoma Piano said...

How do you think the Egyptian government's new stance will affect Israel?

How could the U.S. actually assist?

It makes me sick that the current administration doesn't seem to want to assist anymore.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger adilkahir said...

The Egyptian government's new stance is likely to lead to gradual escalation. Rather than securing the Sinai itself the new regime is likely to display and mobilize anger every time Israel tries to prevent attacks from the Sinai.

The US would have a hard time assisting since Obama and Clinton squandered most American influence in Egypt when they allowed Mubarak to fall. At this point the only thing the US could do would be to ensure that the Egyptians don't get any more modern tanks and aircraft. That's about it.


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