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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Judea Pearl: 'Anti-Zionism is the worst form of racism'

Judea Pearl, the father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl HY"D (May God avenge his blood), surprised his listeners at the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Monday night with a scathing indictment of anti-Zionism.
Pearl, father of slain reporter Daniel Pearl, used the annual lecture on the “state of anti-Semitism” to upend conventional thinking, and argue that anti-Zionism is a strain of hate that is far more dangerous to Jews than anti-Semitism.

He called anti-Zionism, which he defined as the denial of Israel’s right to exist in the family of nations, as “the worst form of racism.” Unlike anti-Semitism, he said, it carries a measure of social acceptance, and it “hides itself in the cloak of political debate.”

Those who think anti-Semitism, especially as it colors debate about Israel in the United States, is the greater danger are mistaken, Pearl told the crowd in his opening address on Monday night. Jews, he said, have become experts at fighting anti-Semitism, likening it to a disease in which “the antibodies are known.”

“Anti-Zionism is worse. It is harder to fight. It comes in a camouflage that allows it to penetrate vital tissue undetected,” he said. Then he paused briefly and added, “Like at our universities.”


Pearl, who was born in Tel Aviv, speaks with an Israeli accent that sometimes makes it hard to understand his exact words. But there is no mistaking his passionate defense of Israel and his belief in the Jews’ historical connection to the land. Asked about those who criticized Israeli government’s policies, he answered that he thought anti-Zionism often was lurking beneath their words.

In his speech, Pearl called anti-Zionism “morally appalling and strategically harder to fight.

“Anti-Zionism targets the most vulnerable part of the Jewish people, the 6 million people of Israel. It condemns them to eternal statelessness in a very bad neighborhood,” he said.

He encouraged the use of the r-word, to call out as “racists” those who deny Israel’s right to exist.

“First, they are stunned. Then the debate shifts … into our core issue,” which is that they are denying the Jewish people that which is granted to other nations.

In a question handed up from the audience, Pearl was asked what he thought about Jews who say they are anti-Zionists. “That’s easy,” he responded. “It’s a ticket for social acceptance.”
Martin Luther King held similar views, and for what it's worth, I must say that I agree with Dr. Pearl as well. Look at the rhetoric coming out of the Arab Muslim world today. There's no difference between anti-Zionist and anti-Semite, except that being an 'anti-Zionist' is a socially more acceptable cover.

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At 9:01 AM, Blogger Coolio said...

that does not explain why jews need to "state" there! y not have your statehood in a island in micronesia where you will not interfere with anyone or maybe around sealand or alcatraz

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Will said...

” Unlike anti-Semitism, he said, it carries a measure of social acceptance, and it “hides itself in the cloak of political debate.”
I totally agree with Him.It's like a waiver to practice Anti semitism.


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