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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ethan Bronner returning to US, Jodi (Wilgoren) Rudoren to become Jerusalem bureau chief

New York Times correspondent Ethan Bronner, who was nearly reassigned two years ago because his son was serving in the IDF at the time, is returning to the United States to become the Legal Affairs correspondent at the Times' national desk. Jodi (Wilgoren) Rudoren will be taking his place.

Contrary to some earlier reports, Bronner was not removed because of his son's service in the IDF. Bronner asked for a reassignment.
UPDATE: Bronner adds, via email:
My son, who is 22, not 21, left the Israeli army a year ago. And I have not been reassigned. I asked to return. It has been 4 years, my parents are in their 90s and I originally promised to stay only three years, both my sons are there, my wife wants to return to her psychoanalytic practice. So we are coming home. I told the paper I wanted to keep writing. The national legal beat was suggested. I happily agreed.
That sure sounds like a much less stressful assignment than being here.

Rudoren (whose maiden name I included because many more people - including me - will remember her by that name) will start here in April. I note that the bio I just linked says that she grew up in Newton, Mass. (my home town). A look at her Facebook page shows the rabbi of one of the two synagogues into which my synagogue split as one of her friends, so my hunch is probably right - we went to the same synagogue growing up and I remember her father quite well. Small world.

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At 4:32 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

I just did a quick look at Wiki on Newton, Mass. I'm sorry to see that Barney Frank is your Congressional Rep. At least he's retiring as of this election and we'll finally see the back of him. He can now buzz off to Florida with his gold-plated Congressional pension and likely look forward to a future rehabilitation into being a Democrat "elder statesman".


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