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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just what I want for Christmas!

Tom Gross reports that several branches of Waterstone's, Britain's largest bookseller, have been promoting Hitler's Mein Kampf as the perfect gift for Christmas.
Staff at a Waterstone’s branch in the northern English town of Huddersfield, for example, used a festive point-of-sale sticker to promote the book as “the perfect present” with an accompanying personal recommendation message by a staff member trumpeting the book as “an essential read for anyone”.

According to the (London) Jewish Chronicle, Waterstone’s stores in Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere also displayed front covers of multiple copies of Mein Kampf, a sales technique designed to attract shoppers.

There has been remarkably little coverage of this story in Britain’s national press, though The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian did run short news items, and so did Fox News in America. (I have seen no editorials or comments pieces or letters to the editor.)

Several Jewish leaders regarded Waterstone’s apology as less than satisfactory.

A Waterstone’s spokesperson said: “We do not believe we actively promote this book; our customers are capable of forming their own opinions on whether to purchase it or not… However staff should not have used inappropriate seasonal stickers on the book. We will also communicate with all our branches at the earliest possible opportunity to remind them of the sensitivities surrounding our stocking of Mein Kampf.”
How sensitive.


But then, given everything else coming out of Britain these days, I suppose we cannot be too surprised.

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At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you saying that Mein Kempf shouldn't be sold and should be banned or what? Why then were you crying in the previous blog a day earlier, that the genocidal Bare Naked Islam blog was censored by CAIR it's a menace?

And speaking of censorship, my friend Jim Hoft reports that Bare Naked Islam, a blog that often links this blog, has been suspended by WordPress as a result of pressure by the Hamas front group CAIR (that first link is a cached page)

If you promote Islamophobia, then people can't complain of Judophobia.

What goes around comes around. Don't be a hypocrite. Either you support free speech or you don't. You can't selectively pick and choose.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Droid said...

There is a difference between censoring someone so they can not express themselves anywhere, and promoting their voice as a must-read for Christmas! Chayma evidently can't see the subtle difference.


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