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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Iran: Let's talk

Iran has agreed to 'negotiate' over its nuclear program, and the Europeans are already ready to talk. This is from the first link.
Speaking with Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhai Jun in Tehran, Salehi said that Iran was prepared to reenter negotiations with the group made up of the US, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany based on the "step by step" plan proposed by Moscow in July. The plan calls for a gradual easing of sanctions against Iran in exchange for the Islamic Republic disclosing details about its nuclear program.
And this is from the second link.
The European Union is open to meaningful talks with Tehran provided there are no preconditions on the Iranian side, an EU foreign policy spokesman said on Saturday.


EU foreign policy spokesman, Michael Mann, said in an email to Reuters that Catherine Ashton wrote to Jalili in October and had not yet had a response.

"We continue to pursue our twin-track approach and are open for meaningful discussions on confidence-building measures, without preconditions from the Iranian side," he said.
This is nothing but a stalling tactic. The Iranians will continue to pursue weapons while 'talking' about giving it up.

What could go wrong?



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