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Friday, December 30, 2011

What Silverstein's (and friends') behavior shows

I found a picture of my friend Aussie Dave, and I posted it because I thought you all would want to know what he looks like.

On Friday, Dave did a post-mortem of his battle with Dicky Silverstein. I want to highlight a couple of points that are the real takeaways of this incident.
  • I did not go to an “immense amount of trouble he did to perpetrate this hoax” at all. It took all of 20 minutes to create the fake Facebook profile with one friend (!), perhaps 5 minutes to capture the screenshot and upload it to my blog, and my contact spent no more than that corresponding with Silverstein. An hour’s worth of work at most.
  • There was really not that much “subterfuge necessary to fool” Silverstein. Just one email and a Facebook profile with a clearly fake photo and only one friend. I am actually surprised he fell for it so easily, which just goes to show you the extent of his fact-checking of sources.
As I understand it, this is why Dave bothered to try to entrap Silverstein - to show that Silverstein publishes whatever is put in front of him and is not careful to verify before he publishes. Given that Silverstein is cited by the MSM from time to time, one has to hope that they noticed and take him less seriously the next time he libels the State of Israel.

The other takeaway is this:
  • Jillian York is director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting free speech online and protecting the rights of bloggers to remain anonymous. One would think someone in her capacity would discourage Silverstein from undermining my online privacy. Instead, she expressed her pleasure at the idea of me being outed. While her excuse was the information was public anyway, the following tweet speaks volumes.

Given we have never conversed previous to this, one can only assume she feels this way due to my politics. In any event, I suggest you read this post.
Isn't it amazing how so-called 'human rights' groups just join the pile-on when someone who is Right wing and/or pro-Israel is targeted?

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At 3:10 PM, Blogger The Caped Crusader said...

We all know facts don't matter to the left, and neither will this incident.

However, it is just one more case to cite in an overwhelming litany of similar issues.

People really need to understand what's going on in our world today, read Jonah Goldberg's 'Liberal Fascism' or Melanie Phillips' 'The World Turned Upsidedown'.

Tis fascism people. When you revise history or distort facts for political gain, you're engaging in (one of several strains) of fascism.

We're still dealing with the ideological remnants of WWII...


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