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Sunday, October 02, 2011

NATO won't share data from Turkish radar with Israel?

The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reports that data from the American-supplied x-band radar to be deployed in Turkey by NATO will not be shared with Israel. But is that really what NATO said? (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
NATO has announced that there is no agreement in place to share radar images obtained from the alliance’s missile defense radar system with Israel, countering Turkish fears that data from a station to be placed on its soil would be shared with Tel Aviv.

“We do not have an agreement on data sharing with Israel in missile defense radar system,” NATO spokesman Damien Arnaud said Friday. Stating that NATO has an agreement on “keeping confidential data” with Mediterranean Dialogue members that include Israel, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania and Jordan, Arnaud said, “This means we can share confidential documents and data with these countries.”

Responding to a question on the topic, NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said: “I cannot make any comments on this type of operational details. However, I can assure you that we are sharing intelligence to protect our people as far as we can. This is the core of being an alliance.” On Sept. 9, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the early warning radar will be deployed in Kurecik near Malatya in the southeast.
It doesn't look like NATO is going to come right out and agree not to share data with Israel. And a statement like that is the last thing that US President Obama needs as we approach an election year.

Will NATO share data with Israel? As always, if they think it's appropriate. And when it comes to Iran, yes.

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At 2:14 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Warning to Israel: Turkey is a full NATO member. Once the Islamist election was allowed to stand by the Ataturk military guys in 2000, that was the end. It will take some time for the Islamist Turkish govt to run a new generation through the schools to revise those stubborn pro-western opinions that show up in polls. In the meantime, the Turkish govt will connive to create an incident or situation that will unleash NATO onto Israel. It will involve propaganda and pressure and raids on the Med's recently delineated oil and gas resources. I hope the Stuxnet experts have invented a deployable firewall that can chop off the tentacles of the x-band system in Israel's IT universe, if ever necessary...


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