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Monday, March 07, 2011

Maybe Egypt will supply us with natural gas after all

Here's an encouraging sign that Egyptian natural gas deliveries to Israel may resume after all: Deliveries to Jordan have not been renewed yet either (Hat Tip: IMRA).
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Dr. Khaled Tuqan said Jordan is expected a formal response from the Egyptian side next Sunday on the date of re-pumping gas into the Kingdom.

He said in a statement to " AL Doustour" yesterday, saying: "our brothers in Egypt told us yesterday that it was the finalization of all technical procedures at the plant were vandalized early last month, and that there are internal procedures on the resumption of pumping gas."

Meanwhile, losses are estimated at NEPCO has stopped pumping gas and up to yesterday"s estimated 72 million dinars, an average of 3 million dinars per day as a result of reliance on the use of heavy fuel and diesel in the process of generating electric power.

It is noted that Jordan"s imports of natural gas from Egypt under the agreements between the two countries, through the Arab gas pipeline which passes through the territory of the Kingdom, where gas is used to generate about 80 percent of electricity in the Kingdom.
The Jordanians are much worse off than we are right now.

So will the deliveries to Israel resume? At least as long as the Egyptian army remains in control, I believe that they will. The army understands the value of money.

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