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Monday, March 07, 2011

The Israel obsession makes us all ignorant

The past couple of months have been a remarkable experience for much of the West. There's a lot going on in the Middle East and a lot of them are having trouble blaming Israel.
Ask yourself this: prior to the current crisis, how many Britons had the remotest notion that Libya was a clan-based society? That has emerged as a central element of any serious analysis of how things might transpire in the country, and, now, it features in the reporting widely. So why has such basic information taken so many of us by surprise? The obsession with Israel is not just making us sick – societally, morally, civilisationally – it is also making us stupid. People watching and reading the major media outlets can tell you the names of suburbs of east Jerusalem. Ask them to name the capital city of Jordan, and most will struggle.

And it's not just making us stupid, it's corrupting us as well. Witness the London School of Economics which, it has just been revealed, has been taking hundreds of thousands of pounds from a charity chaired by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son. Conservative MP Rob Halfon rightly described it as "blood money. Our universities should not be in hock to tyranny," The Times quoted him as saying.

Of course not. But they are. Why? Because the bright lights of publicity suddenly go dark over the Middle East when Jews cannot be held responsible for misbehaviour.

Want a sneak preview of what's coming next? I'll say it in a whisper. Did you know that Saudi Arabia funds university faculties throughout the Western world? And did you know they chop people's heads off every Friday afternoon? Hold the front page…



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