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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Breaking: Hamas agrees to year-long 'truce'?

Al-Arabiya television is reporting that Hamas has agreed to a year-long 'truce' with Israel effective Thursday. According to the report, Egypt will open the Rafah crossing point between Hamas and Egypt, and the 'Palestinian Authority' will be responsible for operating the crossing point.

A Hamas delegation is due in Cairo on Monday to give its final answer regarding the truce.

The official spokesman for the Egyptian foreign ministry has refused to deny the report.

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen traveled to Cairo today rather than to Europe as planned to work out details regarding the 'truce.'
According to the report, Hamas agreed to the deployment along Gaza's border crossings of forces under the control of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the rival Fatah movement. The deal stipulates that the PA forces will coordinate their activities with Hamas.

Hamas' acceptance of the deal apparently led Abbas to cancel a trip to the Czech Republic and travel to Cairo instead.

Al-Arabiya reported that while in Egypt, Abbas discussed mechanisms that would enable the Gaza-Egypt border crossing at Rafah to be opened on Thursday, in parallel with an announcement by Hamas of the year-long truce in Gaza.

Israel, according to the report, has agreed to not interfere in the running of the Egypt-Gaza border crossing.
And I'm sure that the fact that this is taking place five days before the Israeli elections, and will allow Kadima to point to a 'diplomatic achievement' from Operation Cast Lead has nothing at all to do with the timing of this move.

Note that this apparently will include the opening of border crossings with Israel (see highlighted words above).

/crickets have come back to chirp


At 6:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'm sure it has nothing to do with Israeli politics. I wonder what got Hamas to change its mind.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Daniel434 said...

We all know why these 'Palestinians' want a truce. They should never get a truce, not until Hamas and Fatah are completely obliterated, no matter the cost. Israel has been facing extinction since it's original birth and since it's rebirth in 1948. Enough is enough.


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