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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Maybe they should ask the Saudis to pay

An item in this morning's Boston Globe reports that Brandeis University President Judah Reinharz is complaining about the $95,000 tab the university has to pay for 'security' and other 'arrangements' relating to their hosting of Dhimmi Carter two weeks ago.

Unfortunately for Reinharz, some members of his leftist student body, which insisted that he go along with Carter's demands to stifle debate by not inviting Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, are using Reinharz's complaints about the bill as another reason to bash the university president:
"I think it’s an after-the-fact attempt to distance himself and the university from Carter and his positions on the Middle East," said Kevin Montgomery, a student organizer of the event. [As well he should. Since when is a university supposed to present only one side of an issue - which is what Brandeis did by permitting Carter to speak without Dershowitz to debate him. They should say that they don't necessarily agree with Carter's positions. CiJ]

Dennis Nealon, a Brandeis spokesman, said Reinharz’s "exasperation is based on the sole fact there was no funding for the event." Now, the university has to scramble to find funding, he said.
Maybe they should ask the Saudis to add it to their bill.


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