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Monday, May 25, 2015

More 'credit' than she deserves?

On the 15th anniversary of Israel's flight from southern Lebanon, Arutz Sheva discusses the role of former radio broadcaster and current Labor party MK Shelley Yachimovitch in bringing about the order to surrender.
Yechimovich, who grew up in a communist household and admitted to having voted for the communist party in at least one national election, started her journalistic career as a reporter for now defunct radical socialist newspaper Al Hamishmar.
She ascended to dominance as an activistic journalist who became known as a leading spokesperson for radical feminism – a creed also referred to as genderism, and defined by neo-conservative Professor Ruth Wisse as “if not the most extreme then certainly the most influential neo-Marxist movement in America” – which was imported into Israel in the 1970s and 80s.
Yechimovich's genius was the framing of demands for withdrawal from the IDF's self-styled security belt in Lebanon as products of a "feminine wisdom" that was lost upon Israel's “macho” decision-makers. By doing so, she brought the considerable power of Israel's genderist journalists into play, and these were joined by male journalists, too, in a uniform chorus clamoring for a swift retreat.
Another editor in Kol Yisrael's newsroom, Dr. Hanan Naveh, would later disclose in a public speech that three editors in Kol Yisrael's newsroom had decided to bring about the withdrawal of the IDF from Lebanon. He mentioned Yechimovich and her colleague, Military Affairs Reporter Carmela Menashe, as spearheading the effort. Naveh made clear that Kol Yisrael amplified reports on casualties and setbacks suffered by the IDF in southern Lebanon. This reporting sapped public support for the war effort.
Through near-daily interviews, Yechimovich and Menashe succeeded in turning a tiny group of four peaceniks from northern kibbutzim – the Four Mothers – into a hugely influential movement. This campaign began in 1997 and kept going until the withdrawal from Lebanon.
Israel Radio has behaved in this manner regarding other issues. It's no secret that Israel's government-funded broadcast media is particularly Leftist. For that matter, so are other parts of the Israeli media.  And while Yachmiovich gets a lot of 'credit' for keeping the 'Four Mothers' campaign in the news, she's far from the only one at fault.

At the end of the day, Israel's media makes the news rather than reporting on it and displays an extreme left-wing bias. While Yachimovich was guilty of giving the Four Mothers far more exposure than they deserved, she was far from the only one at fault. Many others had the opportunity to stop the bias or to give alternative explanations an opportunity to be heard.

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