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Monday, March 23, 2015

Obama tried even harder than you thought to beat Netanyahu: Expedited visas for Israeli Arabs for 'get out the vote' drive

President Hussein Obama tried even harder than was previously reported (in the US) to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
"What was not well reported in the American media is that President Obama and his allies were playing in the election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu," John McLaughlin, a Republican strategist, said in an interview on John Catsimatidis's "The Cats Roundtable" radio show broadcast Sunday on AM 970 in New York.
"There was money moving that included taxpayer U.S. dollars, through non-profit organizations. And there were various liberal groups in the United States that were raising millions to fund a campaign called V15 against Prime Minister Netanyahu," McLaughlin said.
He noted an effort to oust Netanyahu was guided by former Obama political operative Jeremy Bird and that V15, or Victory 15, ads hurt Netanyahu in the polls. McLaughlin said the Israeli leader rebounded after delivering a speech to Congress early this month, prompting more critical ads.
V15 was viewed as part of a broader campaign to oust Netanyahu. The group was linked to Washington-based nonprofit OneVoice Movement, which reportedly received $350,000 in State Department grants. Money to OneVoice stopped flowing in November, officials said, before the Israeli elections.
After Netanyahu's win, V15 co-founder Nimrod Dweck said in an interview with Ronan Farrow aired on MSNBC's "Jose Diaz-Balart" that "not a single cent" of State Department or taxpayer money had gone to their campaign.
"These are false allegations and they have nothing to do with reality," Dweck said.
McLaughlin also cited an effort "to organize the [Israeli] Arabs into one party and teach them about voter turnout."
"The State Department people in the end of January, early February, expedited visas for [Israeli] Arab leaders to come to the United States to learn how to vote," McLaughlin said.
"There were people in the United States that were organizing them to vote in one party so they would help the left-of-center candidate, Herzog, that the Obama administration favored," he added.
All except the expedited visas have been reported here before. But as usual, the US mainstream media largely ignored it.

When I was in the US the last couple of weeks, I was asked a lot why the Israeli Arabs and the Left were able to unify while the Right was not. Now, we have a clue as to why.

If only Obama expended as much effort on regime change in Iran and Syria as he did in Israel, the world would be a better place.

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At 2:08 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The Democrats flood the zone.. you're talking about a small amount of $$ and favors here. Call out the big stuff, the $$BBillions of $lu$h from the Gaia/Google $lu$h Conduit that have been poured into Israeli companies, from Clinton Foundation ops (remember JNF was trying to move donations?)... NOT THE MILITARY funding... You're talking about a few hundred $1000s rather than the $$BBillions. Israel STILL is not awake to the level of perfidy!! And Israel is still allowing yourselves to be used a PR fodder for the destruction of the U.S. electricity grid. WAKE UP!

At 7:53 PM, Blogger rick said...

If Israel had a shred of integrity, they would refuse US money.


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