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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What a surprise: Copenhagen terrorist a 'Palestinian'

He was born in Denmark. But Copenhagen terrorist Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein came from the 'nation' that invented terrorism. He was a 'Palestinian.'

The gunman, named by Danish media as Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, was well known to police for violence, weapons violations and his membership in a gang. Reuters could not confirm his identity and police declined to comment.
Police records show a man named El-Hussein was convicted of stabbing a man in the leg on a Copenhagen train in 2013 and Danish media said he was released from prison in January.
"He was 'normal' religious, nothing unusual, he didn't go to mosque any more than the average Muslim," El-Hussein's father told TV2.
He was an avid kick boxer in his younger years and was often known by the nickname "Captain Hussein" but members of his club said he has not been there for years.
"He was a good student," Peter Zinckernagel, El-Hussein's principal at the VUC Hvidovre school near Copenhagen told Reuters. El-Hussein attended the school until the end of 2013, when he was arrested for the train stabbing.
National news broadcaster TV2 said El-Hussein's parents were Palestinian refugees who came to Denmark after living in a Jordanian refugee camp for several years.

TV2 obtained a psychiatric assessment of El-Hussein conducted in connection with the assault case for which he was imprisoned in which he told psychologists he had a happy childhood and good relations with his parents and a younger brother. However, he did not graduate from school, was unable to get into a university and later was homeless.
Citing two unnamed friends, Politiken daily newspaper said the man was passionate in discussions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and had a short fuse. They expressed shock that he should launch such attacks, however.

That ought to encourage Western countries to take in 'Palestinian refugees.' /sarc

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