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Monday, February 16, 2015

The terrorists aren't 'random folks' either

The Copenhagen terrorist has been identified as Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein (big picture above). I'm sure you're all shocked. The two smaller pictures above are Dan Uzan, top, the volunteer security guard who was murdered outside the Copenhagen synagogue and Finn Norgaard, bottom, who was murdered at the freedom of speech event earlier in the day on Saturday. The police actually had el-Hussein in their grasp - he was released from prison just two weeks ago.
The dead suspect, named on Sunday night as Omar el-Hussein, had reportedly been released from prison two weeks ago after serving a two-year sentence for grievous bodily harm.
In a rampage with parallels to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris five weeks earlier, the 22-year-old Danish-born assailant fired around 40 shots at a free speech debate in an arts café on Saturday afternoon, killing a 55-year-old documentary filmmaker, Finn Norgaard.
After fleeing in a stolen car, the gunman went on to target a girl's bat mitzvah party at Copenhagen's main synagogue at one o'clock on Sunday morning, shooting dead Dan Uzan, 37, an economist at the Danish treasury, who was acting as a volunteer security guard. 
As with the Charlie Hebdo attackers, the head of the Danish security and intelligence service, Jens Madsen, said on Sunday that the gunman had been identified as a potential threat.
"He was on the radar but he was not known to have travelled to conflict areas like Iraq or Syria," Mr Madsen said. "We cannot yet say anything concrete about the motive ... but we are considering that he might have been inspired by the events in Paris," he told a news conference.
Police traced the killer from CCTV footage from the arts café attack, which showed him abandoning his getaway car, a stolen Volkswagen Polo, and taking a taxi. They questioned the driver, and went to the address in the mainly immigrant area of Norrebro where he had dropped off the suspect. 
In an indication that the gunman may have had accomplices, four people were arrested when a dozen armed police raided an internet café in central Copenhagen. Among the four were a Pakistani and an Arab, according to Danish media reports. 
Just like the victims aren't 'random folks,' so too the terrorists aren't 'random folks.' But until the West stands up and starts acknowledging that reality, this is going to continue - and God Forbid get worse.

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