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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Another Obama double standard: Liberia v. Israel

The image comes from here. Embedding it (which is what the site wants you to) would have rogered my entire page, so I screen captured and am giving credit.

Last July, when a Hamas rocket randomly landed five kilometers from Ben Gurion Airport, it took President Obama's Federal Aviation Administration about three hours to ban all US flights to Israel, including several that were turned back.

When I was in the US last week, there was a lot of talk on the radio about President Obama's sending 3,000 US troops to Africa to 'fight' the Ebola virus. Those troops will have their 'boots on the ground' and many may well return to the US with the disease. On the other hand, Obama will not put any boots on the ground to fight Islamic State, which most Americans (including Democrats from what I saw and heard) consider a much greater threat.

And Obama has refused to ban flights from affected countries. And so, on September 20, the first Ebola-infected patient (that we know about) entered the United States via Washington Dulles before continuing on to Dallas. The contrast between Obama's treatment of Israel and his treatment of Liberia has not been lost on the media. Here's Red State's Erick Erickson.
Since then, the Obama administration has been asked about stopping flights into West African countries where Ebola is a problem. Their position is to keep the flights going. But don’t worry. We are taking people’s temperature before they board the flights.
Compare this to the Obama administration banning flights to Israel back in July. It turned out to be a political stunt quickly cancelled after Senator Ted Cruz threatened to block State Department appointments unless questions were answered. The administration claimed that rockets fired by Hamas put flights in jeopardy despite none of the rockets coming close to the airport.
Now, however, we have a person in the United States who flew back from Africa with Ebola. The White House neither wants to stop flights to Africa nor does it want to more closely monitor people coming into the United States from Africa via other countries.
At least this administration is consistent. It will let every one and every thing, including pestilence, cross our border. I bet, if we are patient, the administration will even place Ebola with a nice family somewhere in Middle America and given it government benefits.
Not only did this person enter the United States, he exposed five kids in four different Dallas-area public schools to the virus. Now, a second person may have it as well. Radio talk show host Michael Savage (who has quoted from this blog in the past) has slammed President 'Obola' for his mishandling of the crisis.
Savage who has a doctorate in epidemiology, said Obama refused to employ the basic epidemiological rule of quarantining a deadly virus, “because the far-left agenda is to have an open-borders policy.”
Referring to the commander in chief as “President Obola,” Savage said on his nationally syndicated show Wednesday the “only solution is zero travel in and out of West Africa for any American.”
“You let nobody in from a country where you have a raging epidemic,” he said, emphasizing “microbes do not discriminate.”
“You isolate and you quarantine an entire nation, if necessary.”
Savage addressed the argument that it’s not practical to isolate an entire country or region.
“Is it practical to risk the spread of a killer illness?” he countered.
On Saturday, a prominent rabbi in our neighborhood mentioned the Ebola virus as part of his special talk for the penitential season. He said that Ebola is spreading partly because there simply are no medical facilities in Africa (in Liberia a large percentage of the medical professionals has been infected with the virus and died) and partly because families refuse to disclose when family members are infected. They cover it up.

Sounds just like the Obama administration to do something like that, doesn't it?

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At 9:24 PM, Blogger upyernoz said...

And Obama has refused to ban flights from affected countries. And so, on September 20, the first Ebola-infected patient (that we know about) entered the United States via Washington Dulles before continuing on to Dallas.

There are no flights from any of the three countries where Ebola is out of control (Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone) to any airport in the U.S. The Liberian man who flew to Dallas transited through Brussels. Unless we are talking about cutting off all international flights into the U.S. because someone riding on any of them might have originated in a country with the Ebola epidemic, a flight ban makes little sense. Frankly, the Obama administration is right not to impose one now.


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