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Friday, April 18, 2014

Syrian jets fly along Israeli border, IAF scrambled

Syrian war jets bombed a 'refugee camp' in Quneitra on the Golan Heights, coming close enough to the Israeli border on Friday afternoon to cause IAF jets to be scrambled in response.
The attacks on Quneitra, the only crossing along the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights, raised concerns in Israel, reports Channel 10.
In response, the IDF stepped up preparations along the border, and sent out IAF planes to provide an air presence in the area and deter any encroachments on Israeli sovereign airspace.
The sites struck by Syria include a refugee camp in the Daraa region of southern Syria, which was being built by rebel forces opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.
Arabic media sources have reported that Assad's regime views the rebel refugee camp as a "declaration of local independence," leading to the strike to destroy the site.
The Quneitra crossing was recaptured by Syrian army forces last June after briefly falling into opposition hands.
I don't expect Assad to try anything on us right now, but he needs to be reminded of that once in a while. 

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