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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ariel Sharon is dead

Ariel Sharon passed away on the Sabbath. He was 85, and had spent the last eight years in a coma after suffering a stroke.
Sharon would have turned 86 next month. His family gathered at the hospital to be with him in his final moments. His sons Omri and and Gilad had been by his side since his condition deteriorated on January 1.
Gilad Sharon reacted to the death of his father on Saturday, saying that "he went when he decided to go."
Gilad Sharon thanked the medical staff at Sheba Medical Center and thanked all of those who had prayed for the former prime minister.
Heretic. We don't decide when we die. God does.
Professor Shlomo Noi, the director of Sheba Medical Center, officially announced Sharon's death at a press conference.
Noi stated that Sharon had continued to fight for his life in the past week as his health further deteriorated "against all odds."
He added that, on Saturday, Sharon's heart had weakened and he "peacefully separated from his family."
A state funeral will be organized for Sharon by the Prime Minister's Office. Current and former world leaders are expected to come to Israel for the funeral. His body will lie in state at the Knesset before the funeral on his Negev ranch beside his wife Lily, who died in 2000.
 They might want to make that funeral sooner rather than later.



At 8:35 AM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

Daniel Pinner: “Ah, Ariel, Ariel!...” (Isaiah 29:1-2)

At 1:44 PM, Blogger InMemoryOf Yossi said...

He died ON shabbos? He must have done something right to earn that.


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