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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Supreme Court keeps Vanunu in Israel

Israel's Supreme Court ruled on Sunday that convicted nuclear traitor Mordechai Vanunu may not leave Israel.
The High Court of Justice on Sunday rejected the petition of Mordechai Vanunu, the man who leaked information regarding Israel’s reported nuclear weapons program in 1986, to leave the country via the West Bank.

The court said that while it agreed with Vanunu that his situation should be examined periodically and with rigor to ensure that restrictions on him were not being maintained unnecessarily, it believed the state had met its standard of proof for maintaining the restrictions at this time.

At Wednesday's hearing on the issue, Vanunu’s lawyer, the charismatic and colorful Avigdor Feldman, thundered away at the state, saying, “This man is not allowed to leave a country that does not want him in it and in which he does not want to be.”

He added that Vanunu merely wanted to leave the country to marry his girlfriend and live out his life quietly.

Vanunu was formerly a technician at the Dimona nuclear plant who was imprisoned for 18 years for divulging secrets related to Israel’s purported nuclear weapons program.

Since his release from prison in 2004, Vanunu has had a range of highly unusual restrictions placed on his movement and his right to interact with other persons, particularly foreigners and the press.

The High Court has numerous times approved these restrictions, and Vanunu has numerous times violated them, sometimes being temporarily penalized or reprimanded.
Could someone traveling abroad please bring this man some deodorant on their return? That stuff is very expensive here.... 

Actually, Vanunu is lucky he wasn't executed.

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