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Friday, November 22, 2013

Terrorist claims Arab Bank in Ramallah refused to transfer money to him

One of the recently released 'Palestinian ' terrorists has complained that the Arab Bank branch in Ramallah refuses to transfer money received from the 'Palestinian Authority' to his account. According to the terrorist, the bank says that the money is 'terror money.'
Each of the 26 terrorists released in the second batch of "gestures" to the Palestinian Authority (PA) received a $50,000 grant. In addition, those imprisoned over 25 years received senior governmental posts with a 14,000 shekels ($4,000) monthly salary, and those imprisoned under 25 years are to receive a monthly 10,000 shekels ($2,800) stipend.
All of this comes despite high unemployment among PA Arabs and the PA's reported $4.2 billion of debt.
The Arab Bank's refusal to pay "terror money" to Musa Karan of Ramallah, a terrorist freed after 23 years in jail, was reported by a Hamas website. Karan's brother Mohammed told the site that Musa ran into trouble opening an account due to his being a freed terrorist.
In April the Jordan-based Arab Bank lost its bid to avoid a US trial over lawsuits brought by Israeli and American terror victims who accuse the bank of financially supporting terror. The bank operates in many countries, managing business ties with various corporations and governments.
Most of the plaintiffs in that case were thrown out over the summer when the US Supreme Court ruled that only US citizens could file suit in the US. Still, the fact that the lawsuit is pending might be enough to make the Arab Bank - which is not 'Palestinian' - worry about its own financial standing.

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