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Friday, November 22, 2013

P 5+1 talks hung up because Iran won't give up on enrichment

In case you're wondering why there's no white smoke coming out in Geneva yet, here's why:

That's got US Senators calling for more sanctions again.
And yet without a deal, Washington is now primed to act on its own. After weeks of heated debate on the timing of a new sanctions bill in the Senate between congressmen, the White House and the Israeli government, one key senator has thrown support behind the bill should negotiations fail in Geneva this week.
We all strongly support those negotiations and hope they will succeed, and want them to produce the strongest possible agreement," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who controls whether or not the bill will get a vote in the upper chamber. "However, Mr. President, we're also aware of the possibility that the Iranians could keep the negotiations from succeeding.
"I hope that won't happen," Reid continued. "But the Senate must be prepared to move forward with a new bipartisan Iran sanctions bill when the Senate returns after the Thanksgiving recess. I'm committed to do just that."
Several senators have proposed legislation that would further tighten the noose around Iran's oil sector and the country's access to foreign exchange. But, at the urging of the Obama administration, Reid has held off in order to allow negotiations to play out.
Responding to Reid, Psaki thanked the Senate majority leader for waiting until after talks conclude in Geneva this week to move forward with any new legislation. But the administration hopes Reid will continue to "give the space" requested by the president for negotiations to succeed, she added.
"Broadly speaking, if the negotiations fail writ large over the coming months or however long... we would lead the charge for more sanctions," Psaki said. "That's one of the reasons why we've been so clear in Congress why we should give diplomacy the chance to breathe, to see if it works out."
Given that the Senate has been pushing for sanctions - against the Obama administration - Psaki sounds like the administration is 'leading from behind.'

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At 4:05 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Reid knows that Obama will veto whatever he doesn't like. So it's a cost free gesture for the Senate Democrats.


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