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Monday, September 09, 2013

'Israeli official': US will notify us hours ahead of attack on Syria

As Israel deploys an Iron Dome battery near Jerusalem, an 'Israeli official' says that Israel will have a few hours' notice of an American attack on Syria.
The Israeli army has set up an Iron Dome anti-rocket battery in the Jerusalem area Sunday, as part of its preparations for a possible American-led strike in Syria. Meanwhile, an Israeli official said Sunday that the U.S. would notify Israel hours in advance of a strike on Syria, and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said that whatever the U.S. decided to do would affect Israel. 
This is the first time an active missile defense system has been deployed in the Jerusalem area. The battery joins three additional Iron Dome systems recently deployed in Gush Dan, near Tel Aviv, and in northern Israel, near Haifa and in the Galilee. The Israel Defense Forces was reportedly also considering deploying another battery in northern Israel.
The chances of Israel being attacked are low, a high-ranking IDF officer said last Wednesday. However, he said, Israel's defense systems have been prepared for the eventuality that a western attack on Syria could make Israel a target of rocket fire.
"Even though the likelihood of such a scenario is low, we have a clear responsibility to prepare for any scenario in order to protect our citizens," he said.
Meanwhile, Israelis are advised to go about our daily lives.... What could go wrong?

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