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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Al-Manar: Hezbullah won't attack Israel if the US attacks Syria

At least one potential foe says that it won't attack Israel in the event that the United States attacks Syria: Hezbullah.
Lebanese President Michel Suleiman reportedly appealed to Hezbollah leaders not to drag Lebanon into the fighting in Syria. Hezbollah-affiliated TV network Al-Manar reported that in case of an American attack on Syria, Hezbollah would not act against Israel.
Israel has threatened many times that if it is attacked by Hezbullah, it will hold the Lebanese government responsible, and that it will destroy Lebanon's infrastructure - something Israel started to do at the outset of the Second Lebanon War and abruptly stopped, ostensibly because at the time Hezbullah did not control the Lebanese government. Apparently Hezbullah has now decided that it is more important to have a base (Lebanon) than to have a patron (Syria and Iran). Or so they are saying for now.

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