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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moron alert: France's Hollande calls on Iran to help Syrian rebels

At the 'Friends of Syria' conference in Doha on Sunday, French President Francois Hollande called on Iran to help the Syrian rebels reverse the gains over the last couple of months by Bashar al-Assad's troops.
The countries agreed on Saturday to give urgent military support to the rebels, channeled through the Western-backed Supreme Military Council, a move that Washington and its European allies hope will prevent weapons falling into the hands of Islamist radicals.
Hollande said the countries still needed to work out how to supply arms to the Syrian opposition and that deliveries were conditional on the rebels organizing politically and militarily.
"We cannot imagine delivering weapons to groups which could use them to the detriment of interests of a democratic Syria or eventually against us," he said.
The aim, he said, was to assert military pressure on Assad, because doing nothing would benefit "Assad on the one hand and the most radical elements on the other ... We refuse that." He also called on Iran's new President Hassan Rohani to use his influence to help the Syrian situation.
"Elections have taken place in Iran, (there is) a new president. It's up to him to show he can maybe be useful, that he can also exert pressure on Bashar Assad to find a solution." 
In those days when there was no superpower in the world, each 'ruler' did what he thought was proper.

What could go wrong?

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At 4:38 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

We've known since Jimmy Carter that one could be a know-nothing naive fool and be elected US President. Now we have the same confirmation about la République Francais.

Peter Sellers, adapting his comically inept Inspector Clouseau role, would have been perfect to play President Hollande.


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