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Monday, April 22, 2013

The price of appeasement, Part 2

I've been warning for years now about the infiltration of Islamic terrorists from Mexico and other countries in the south into the United States. I have warned of the existence of Hezbullah sleeper cells in Latin America and in the United States itself. In the wake of the Boston Marathon terror attack, there is now a similar warning from the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas).
“We’re concerned about Hezbollah operatives here in the United States,” McCaul told a San Diego news outlet.
“While before they had a relationship [in America] about money, finance, the fact they could become operational is very much a national security concern.”
McCaul worked on a November 2012 House subcommittee report, titled “Line in the Sand,” which “concluded that Iran and Hezbollah pose a threat to the entire Western Hemisphere including the United States and our southwest border.”
According to the document, Hezbollah is keenly aware of the porous nature of the border around San Diego, and its leadership has been channeling money to drug cartels in exchange for a foothold near the US-Mexico border and aid in crossing it. The report cites at least one intelligence mission in coordination with Colombian authorities – called Operation Titan – that led to the seizure of $23 million in assets.
The report notes the arrest of Said Jaziri – a suspected Muslim extremist from Tunisia – who was smuggled across the San Diego border with Mexico in the trunk of a car.
There's more. Read the whole thing

After four and a half years of open gates under the Obama administration, and after 16 years of lax enforcement under the Clinton and Bush administration, shutting off illegal immigration now is like shutting the barn door after the cow has escaped... except that in this case, there are still more cows left in the barn, and there is a possibility of returning other cows to the barn (i.e. deportation). The United States would do well to be a lot more careful to whom it grants citizenship and visa extensions.

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