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Monday, April 22, 2013

Report: Jordan allowing Israeli drones to fly over its airspace to Syria

A report in France's Le Figaro based on 'western intelligence sources' claims that Jordan is allowing the overflight of Israeli drones on their way to Syria.
According to the report, Jordanian King Abdullah made the decision in March during US President Barack Obama's visit to Jordan, which came immediately after his first trip as president to Israel.
Le Figaro quoted the military source as saying that the Israeli drones fly at night to avoid detection. The source added that "the Syrians have Russian air defense assets, but Israeli aircraft are difficult to detect and therefore virtually immune to anti-aircraft measures."
According to the source, the unmanned aerial vehicles are carrying out surveillance, but "they are also armed and therefore can hit targets anywhere in Syria."
The Jordanian air corridors allow Israel to avoid accessing Syrian airspace through southern Lebanon, which it fears could draw a response from Hezbollah, Le Figaro added.
The instinct for self-preservation is an amazing thing. 

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