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Monday, April 15, 2013

'Negotiations,' Turkish style

The Turks have a negotiating style that's remarkably similar to the 'Palestinians.' 'You tell us how much you want to pay, we demand ten (or more) times as much, and then we tell you to take it or leave it.'
An anonymous Turkish diplomat told Hurriyet that "Israel should perfectly know that this is not a process of bargaining. Compensation talks should not be turned into horse trading or dirty bargaining." The source added that he hoped the issue would be solved in coming weeks.

“We want to close this issue in one session. Discussing human life for money is not a pleasant thing. This should be concluded in a most appropriate way,” the source reportedly said.

According to the Turkish paper, unconfirmed reports have stated that Israel is willing to pay $100,000 per victim, however Turkish officials say that "it should be a substantial amount," although they have not stated an exact figure.
What could go wrong?

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