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Friday, March 01, 2013

Netanyahu seeks extension to form government

Prime Minister Netanyahu will ask President Peres on Saturday for a two-week extension to present his new government.

Deadlocked talks with potential coalition partners have forced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seek more time to build a new government and avert a snap election, officials said on Friday.
They said Netanyahu would meet President Shimon Peres on Saturday to ask for a two-week extension after his right-wing party, the narrow victor in Israel's January 22 ballot, exhausted the standard four weeks allotted to build a coalition.
Two other data points here. First, JPost reported on Thursday night that if there is no government by March 16, President Obama may not come.

And second, the State's star witness in former Prime Minister Olmert's latest bribery trial passed away this morning, leaving the entire trial in doubt. Olmert has already said that if there is a new election he will run.


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