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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Satellite images show Syrian chem weapons storage facility untouched

Satellite images shown on Israel's Channel 2 television on Wednesday night show Syria's chemical weapons storage facility in Jamarya, northwest of Damascus undamaged by last Wednesday night's bombing. The facility was not the subject of the attack - a nearby weapons convoy headed to Hezbullah in Lebanon was.
The before and after images show a burnt road, as well as a crater caused by a bomb that missed its target.
Syria publicly accused Israel of striking a scientific research center northwest of Damascus, denying reports that the strike had targeted a suspected shipment of anti-aircraft missiles en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
The description of the military research center that Syria claimed the IAF jets targeted fits the definition of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center, which has been labeled a state organization responsible for developing biological and chemical weapons and transferring them to Hezbollah and Hamas.
The images, however, don't show any damage done to a military research facility nearby that Syrians claim have been the target of the reported attack.
 Damn.... Missed....

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