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Thursday, December 06, 2012

The US, UN and EU ought to look in their own backyards

While Israel endures criticism from Ban Ki-Moon, Hussein Obama, the Euroweenies and that little shmuck Rahm Emanuel, here's what's going on in their own backyards.
  • Chicago's murder rate is up 31 percent over 2011. Gun violence is up 8 percent. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been useless at protecting his citizens since taking office. Yet, he has the audacity to tell Israel what we should do with their country. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his administration have proven that they know what is takes to protect their citizens. Can the same be said for Rahm?
  • While Ban Ki Moon says that the settlement constructions are a fatal blow to peace prospects, he ignores upgrading the Palestinians to a Nation Status while Abbas hasn't done anything commence peace negotiations. Heck, he doesn't even control half his country. That’s a fatal blow.
  • Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said building in E1 "destroys the two-state solution.” What? I thought we had two states now?
  • Palestine will be officially an apartheid state; Abbas is a holocaust denier himself.
And then there’s President Obama. Obama has continuously forced Bibi into settlement freezes as he hopes to recommence peace negotiations with Abbas. At tremendous political cost, Bibi halted settlement construction in 2009, under the ruse that Obama would get Abbas to the table. While the US voted against the UN motion on Palestine, the US did not threaten to cut off aid. Abbas never tried this under George W Bush – yet he has tried it twice and now succeeded.

The events of last week in the United Nations have left Bibi (facing re-election and with aforementioned pressures) with no choice but to effectively declare peace negotiations dead in the water.
Indeed. And the declaration is long overdue. 

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