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Monday, December 03, 2012

Speaking of useful idiots...Tzipi Livni drafts two

Tzipi Livni has recruited two useful idiots from the religious Zionist community to help in her campaign: Former IDF personnel chief Elazar Stern and former Netanyahu spokesman Yoaz Hendel.
Livni drafted two key members of the national-religious camp to her new Tzipi Livni Party: Former OC Human Resources Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Elazar Stern and Netanyahu’s former spokesman, Yoaz Hendel.
The task of the two, whose joining was not yet final Sunday night, will be to present Netanyahu as having gone too far to the Right and Livni as the only hope of the Center.
“The Likud has become much closer to what the National Union was,” an MK who supports Livni said. “There are many Likud voters who don’t want to vote for a party dominated by settlers. They will never vote for [Labor leader] Shelly Yacimovich, but they can vote for Livni who is the child of a Likud MK and has the heritage of Jabotinsky. That can bring three to four seats.”
Hendel reportedly told Livni he could help her draft Likud Minister Dan Meridor, who did not win a realistic slot on the Likud list.
Meridor would be no loss to the Likud. Netanyahu wanted him there so that Netanyahu would not be the Left-most person in the party.

Stern is probably one of the most anti-religious religious Jews in the country. See, for example, here, here and here.

As to Hendel, he has not even rated a mention on Israel Matzav until now (after nearly seven years and nearly 30,000 posts). He resigned his post in Netanyahu's office over the handling of a sexual harassment case. He has mostly right wing credentials. It's hard to believe that his joining up with Livni is anything other than opportunism.

Bottom line: I don't see anyone on the right being dumb enough to vote for Livni because of these two characters.

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