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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Surreal: Photo of Electric Company employee fixing wires for Gaza

Seven years ago, the IDF was  ordered to flee Gaza,after expelling all the Jews who lived in the Strip from their homes. Then, the border was 'shut' (except for 'Palestinians' being treated for free in Israeli hospitals), and the rockets started flying into Israel.

Despite the fact that it has now been more than seven years since Israel left Gaza, Israel continues to supply a significant portion of Gaza's electricity. No, the bills generally are not paid.

Sometimes, rockets fired from Gaza hit the electric wires and leave the poor 'Palestinians' without  power. When that happens, believe it or not, the Israel Electric Company sends employees up to fix the wires. Yes, even while the shooting continues. After all, the Hamas rocket factories need to have power.

The picture at the top shows two Electric Company employees being raised to the level to repair wires. The employees are in steel cages to protect them from oncoming rockets. It's not clear to me what protects the drivers who pulled their trucks with the cranes on the back up to the spot.

What could go wrong?

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