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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Israeli flags anger German anti-Semites

The picture above was taken during the Champions League soccer final (the Europeans call it 'football' but I'm in the US now) at Allianz Arena in Munich on Saturday, between Germany's Bayern-Munchen and England's Chelsea.

If you go here, you'll see the reaction on Twitter to the presence of Israeli flags in a German stadium (Hat Tip: David H). It's not pretty. Of course, most of the tweeters have Muslim-sounding names, but I guess now that Germany's being overrun by Muslims, they qualify as German. Make sure you click the second page, because the comments there are a lot better.

And probably the best comment by the author:
"Oh my Allah! Why are they waving Israeli flags and not burning them?! I always burn the Israeli flags I buy! It's such a nice program to do with the family... My 5 wives and 17 kids love it!"

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At 8:09 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Carl: "Of course, most of the tweeters have Muslim-sounding names, but I guess now that Germany's being overrun by Muslims, they qualify as German."

Don't fool yourself, Carl. In the early '70s, I attended a German ballet class with the Kurhaus professional ballerinas. One day, one girl was late coming into the dressing room before class. While she was rushing around getting ready, she and the other lovely ballerinas (I was the proverbial fly on the wall) went on a tear about late busses, where is Hitler, he'd have the busses running on time and would have finished off the rest of the Jews they didn't already get... etc. etc.

About 20 yrs later, when I first became associated with the U.S. Jewish community, people would talk to me about their lovely trips to Germany, invited/sponsored by the Germans, and how sweet they were and there is no more antisemitism in Germany, etc. And I would just stare at them speechless, each time it happened. And, just as today, they refused to hear (or even let me spit it out) about the Germany when they don't know someone is watching.

Carl, it is not the Muslims. Or I shd say it is not because of the Muslims. It is the very Germans who have deleted basically all the Jews in their country, not to mention the rest of Europe, by killing them in WWII, by allowing and hopefully not facilitating (it will forever be a mystery) the slaughter of the Israeli athletes in Munich... Running off any leftovers except a very few. Don't let those Germans off the hook. And for sure NEVER AGAIN live in a world of denial where you just can't believe how these people are.

At 1:35 AM, Blogger R said...

I don't think you should say that Germans are the antisemites. Germany is the only country in Europe with an increasing Jewish population, and they have developed some positive actions towards the Jews and Israel, unlike other European countries nowadays.

You can check the profiles of the twitters. Rita Khalid, which wrote the most brutal one quoted in that sequence, says in her twitter profile that she's a student at Univeristy College London.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Joe Kelsall said...

Israel is a catalyst for anti semitism with its continued celebration of the holocaust. Believe me, German youngsters are fed up to the teeth with being blamed for the sins of their ancestors. That is the cause of antagonism towards jews.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

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