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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Randy Abbas aide finds his own Ayesha

A close aide of 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has apparently carried the 'follow the prophet' meme a little too far. According to InLightPress (link in Arabic), the unnamed aide stands accused of raping an unnamed minor. Challah Hu Akbar explains:
The official is a senior official who is reportedly “very close” to Mahmoud Abbas. According to the report, Palestinian officials have been trying for months to solve the issue with the family of the assaulted girl. The family has rejected all monetary offers.

InLightPress did not publish the names of the victim or the suspect.

The report says that in the upcoming reshuffling of Salam Fayyad’s government, the official under suspicion will likely be pushed out.
Unless, of course, Hamas decides it likes him.

What could go wrong?

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At 1:44 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

You depict the Prophet. I ululate in your general direction.

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

How about this classic Day by Day cartoon for you, Trudy, "A BLT, another spaten and a high chair for my wife."

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cartoon above is a disgrace to the truth. Don't compare Abbas's aide's raping a minor to The Prophet. He may well have got his inspiration from certain passages in the Talmud.
the Torah permits marriage with an infant. This can be learned from the verse "I gave my daughter to this man." The father has
the right to marry his minor daughter off to whomever he pleases. The Talmud treats sexual relations with a little girl as something self-explanatory, and they say:

Three [categories of] women may use an absorbent [cotton to absorb sperm as a contraceptive]: a minor.What is the age of a minor? From the age of eleven and a day to the age of twelve and a day. Less than that or more
than that must carry on her sexual relations in a normal manner (Ketubot39a).


Aishah (UAM) played a prominent role in the propagation of Islam, after the Prophets death. She often spoke of her love for him and she was the only person to ever see the Angel Gabriel, other than the Prophet. Gabriel transmitted the Quran over 22 years straight from Go to The Prophet.

As Israel Shamir says at the end of his piece "Maidens and Warriors" below:
Islam is a form of Christianity particularly close to the Jews. While Eastern Orthodox Church was influenced by Greek culture, and Catholics partook of Roman world, Islam returned the ideas of Christianity to the Semitic milieu. The Prophet, peace be upon him, upheld the Jewish concepts of strict monotheism, of fear of graven images, of protectiveness towards women and integrated them with the universal message of Christ and his apostles. The cowardly enemies of Islam besmirch it, as they fear and envy its unbroken spirit, the valour of its warriors and the chastity of its maidens..

Maidens and Warriors
A modest Talmudic scholar from Jaffa, I would rise to his defense in the name of our Jewish tradition. Far from being a sinner, Muhammad (peace upon
him) acted according to the letter and spirit of our holy faith. Biblical Jacob fell in love with Rachel, 7, and brought forth a line of saints including Mary, mother of Christ.

Talmud stipulates the permitted age of marriage for girls at three years and one day. It brings us a dialogue worthy of Boccacio that took place in Sephoris of Galilee. A Roman princess Justine, daughter of Emperor Sever son of Anthony asked Rabbi Judah the Prince, the greatest spiritual and legal
authority of Jews in post-Biblical period, what is the permitted age of marriage and cohabitation.

- Three years and one day, - replied the Rabbi. - What is the age for childbearing,

- persisted the Princess. - Nine years [i], - he replied.

- I was married at six, and gave birth at seven, - she reflected with great regret, - so I wasted in vain three excellent years of my young life.

Muhammad’s wife, Aisha, wasted six years of her young life, as she was wed at nine. Thus, the Prophet demonstrated great prudence, also in full accordance with our Jewish teachings. Our holy Rabbis permitted very early arriage, but they were not absolutely sure that three-year old girls are sufficiently ripe. They taught: proselytes and pedophiles delay the Coming of Messiah and Kingdom of Heaven.

Who are the pedophiles in this context, asked the Talmud. They have to be persons of legitimate but objectionable behavior, and therefore, not the sodomites (as they deserve death by stoning) nor masturbators (they merit watery grave). It is those who marry girls before the nubile age of nine.

Thus, the Prophet is above suspicion according to our Jewish law.

He had a few wives, continue the accusers. Well, the Jewish law permits us to have as many wives as we can get. Nowadays, a Muslim has to limit himself to four wives in this world, but we Jews have no such constrictions........

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Laith Al Froukh said...

what i know is that all the books are right but it looks who made the picture and who made the site are bitches and mother fuckers because prophet mohamed is the the write prophet and islam is everything and ofcaurse the other religions are write the last religion is islam so it means its the religion of god and in islam in kuran they say great things about christains and juwish but people in isreal country dont want other religions they just want people to be juwish and they have writen bad things in the christians religion so they dont beilieve in islam and prophet mohamed so again fuck who did the picture and the site and fuck isreal FUCK ISREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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